John McAllister

Some Random Arcade

Member Since: June, 29th 2018

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Founding Member
Jimmy Olsen
Event History
Summer Yolo 201924July, 29th 2019
Yolympics 201918March, 10th 2019
Crap Tournament 103August, 5th 2018
Random Player Stats
Number of Event Wins:0
Number of WRs set during Events:0
Number of 1st place Scores:2
Total Number of Score Submissions:61
Most Submissions in an Event:33 in Crap Tournament 10
Most Submissions for a Game:5 on Route 16 (Set 1)
Top Score History
Contra2092800Summer Yolo 2019
Giga Wing1858328869620Summer Yolo 2019
Elevator Action50100Summer Yolo 2019
Mr. Dos Wild Ride98729Summer Yolo 2019
Turbo Ms. Pac-Man227670Summer Yolo 2019
New Rally-X275060Summer Yolo 2019
Bosconian588800Summer Yolo 2019
Twin Cobra912580Summer Yolo 2019
Jr. Pac-Man (Turbo)345410Yolympics 2019
Moon Patrol (Williams)331190Yolympics 2019
Gun Smoke449800Yolympics 2019
DoDonPachi (Japan)12155660Yolympics 2019
Galaga (5 Lives)581320Yolympics 2019
1942632290Yolympics 2019
Arkanoid840410Yolympics 2019
Truxton II / Tatsujin Oh638650Yolympics 2019
Raiden 2298490Yolympics 2019
Bubble Bobble: Lost Cave v1.2993150Yolympics 2019
Super Pang (Tour Mode)2304800Yolympics 2019
Angler Dangler (DECO Cassette)(US)70100Crap Tournament 10
Hole Land (Japan)472100Crap Tournament 10
Desert Gun20100Crap Tournament 10
Route 16 (Set 1)91630Crap Tournament 10
Motos57700Crap Tournament 10
Pig Out (Rev. 2?)221220Crap Tournament 10
Logger (Rev. 3)514400Crap Tournament 10
Wall Street407400Crap Tournament 10
Iron Horse (Ver. H)201700Crap Tournament 10
Splendor Blast (Set 1)397330Crap Tournament 10
Dream Shopper67900Crap Tournament 10
Hot Shocker122050Crap Tournament 10
Jump Coaster (Taito)159200Crap Tournament 10
Guts n Glory (Prototype)158500Crap Tournament 10
Firebeast (Prototype)51110Crap Tournament 10