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Jimmy Olsen
Event History
Summer Yolo 201939July, 29th 2019
Random Player Stats
Number of Event Wins:0
Number of WRs set during Events:0
Number of 1st place Scores:0
Total Number of Score Submissions:108
Most Submissions in an Event:58 in Winter Yolympics 2020
Most Submissions for a Game:11 on R-Type
Top Score History
Gyruss101850Winter Yolympics 2020
Gradius340500Winter Yolympics 2020
Rally-X Arrangement99110Winter Yolympics 2020
Final Fight269580Winter Yolympics 2020
Frogger9830Winter Yolympics 2020
Out Zone468830Winter Yolympics 2020
Money Idol Exchanger30783Winter Yolympics 2020
Mr.Driller192530Winter Yolympics 2020
Strikers 1945 II444600Winter Yolympics 2020
Armed Police Batrider2222500Winter Yolympics 2020
Donpachi3889180Winter Yolympics 2020
Willow2200Winter Yolympics 2020
Black Tiger28550Winter Yolympics 2020
Street Fighter III: Third Strike1509900Winter Yolympics 2020
Bubbles48530Winter Yolympics 2020
Blazing Star1745610Winter Yolympics 2020
Hishou Zame177260Winter Yolympics 2020
Pang81860Winter Yolympics 2020
Zoo Keeper62500Winter Yolympics 2020
Pac-man Turbo46290Winter Yolympics 2020
R-Type326600Summer Yolo 2019
New Rally-X140740Summer Yolo 2019
Bosconian136770Summer Yolo 2019
Contra97100Summer Yolo 2019
Tetris The Grand Master5762Summer Yolo 2019
Vs. Karate Champ10000Summer Yolo 2019
Sunset Riders113080Summer Yolo 2019
Out Run5204990Summer Yolo 2019
Solomons Key50640Summer Yolo 2019
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs589400Summer Yolo 2019
Elevator Action11900Summer Yolo 2019
Mr. Dos Wild Ride18951Summer Yolo 2019
Smash TV667240Summer Yolo 2019
Twin Cobra183380Summer Yolo 2019
Turbo Ms. Pac-Man65900Summer Yolo 2019
Pink Sweets [SCORE ATTACK]939410Summer Yolo 2019
Shinobi61690Summer Yolo 2019
Punisher954600Summer Yolo 2019
Giga Wing486917947440Summer Yolo 2019
Mushihimesama [ORIGINAL MODE]2384366Summer Yolo 2019