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Jimmy Olsen
Dammit Jim!
Event History
Summer Yolo 201942July, 29th 2019
Random Player Stats
Number of Event Wins:0
Number of WRs set during Events:0
Number of 1st place Scores:1
Total Number of Score Submissions:13
Most Submissions in an Event:7 in Summer Yolo 2019
Most Submissions for a Game:3 on New Rally-X
Top Score History
Rally-X Arrangement173810Winter Yolympics 2020
Pac-man Turbo179070Winter Yolympics 2020
Pang1503270Winter Yolympics 2020
Money Idol Exchanger155042Winter Yolympics 2020
Mr.Driller899855Winter Yolympics 2020
Turbo Ms. Pac-Man153880Summer Yolo 2019
New Rally-X240300Summer Yolo 2019
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs1337800Summer Yolo 2019
Tetris The Grand Master115656Summer Yolo 2019
Bosconian252940Summer Yolo 2019