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Summer Yolo 201937July, 29th 2019
Random Player Stats
Number of Event Wins:0
Number of WRs set during Events:0
Number of 1st place Scores:0
Total Number of Score Submissions:47
Most Submissions in an Event:30 in Summer Yolo 2019
Most Submissions for a Game:6 on Tetris The Grand Master
Top Score History
Black Tiger22450Winter Yolympics 2020
Strikers 1945 II687400Winter Yolympics 2020
Money Idol Exchanger128991Winter Yolympics 2020
Out Zone368370Winter Yolympics 2020
Donpachi3888260Winter Yolympics 2020
Armed Police Batrider3376640Winter Yolympics 2020
Gradius83000Winter Yolympics 2020
Hishou Zame337940Winter Yolympics 2020
Pac-man Turbo112880Winter Yolympics 2020
Twin Cobra710380Summer Yolo 2019
R-Type268900Summer Yolo 2019
Mushihimesama [ORIGINAL MODE]19837776Summer Yolo 2019
Tetris The Grand Master6129Summer Yolo 2019
Smash TV356610Summer Yolo 2019
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs237600Summer Yolo 2019
Bosconian122480Summer Yolo 2019
New Rally-X154430Summer Yolo 2019
Out Run3247540Summer Yolo 2019
Contra92600Summer Yolo 2019
Turbo Ms. Pac-Man97970Summer Yolo 2019
Giga Wing2368302340310Summer Yolo 2019
Pink Sweets [SCORE ATTACK]1387810Summer Yolo 2019