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Member Since: March, 11th 2019

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Jimmy Olsen
Event History
Summer Yolo 201923July, 29th 2019
Marp T1613April, 8th 2019
Random Player Stats
Number of Event Wins:0
Number of WRs set during Events:0
Number of 1st place Scores:0
Total Number of Score Submissions:70
Most Submissions in an Event:46 in Summer Yolo 2019
Most Submissions for a Game:7 on Ghosts n Goblins
Top Score History
Blazing Star503800Winter Yolympics 2020
Armed Police Batrider584210Winter Yolympics 2020
Street Fighter III: Third Strike3349700Winter Yolympics 2020
Solomons Key980980Summer Yolo 2019
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs1329600Summer Yolo 2019
Giga Wing430132889520Summer Yolo 2019
Tetris The Grand Master18078Summer Yolo 2019
Shinobi101470Summer Yolo 2019
Out Run3448920Summer Yolo 2019
R-Type51900Summer Yolo 2019
Pink Sweets [SCORE ATTACK]892600Summer Yolo 2019
Vs. Karate Champ38000Summer Yolo 2019
Smash TV454200Summer Yolo 2019
Elevator Action13750Summer Yolo 2019
Contra100000Summer Yolo 2019
New Rally-X105620Summer Yolo 2019
Mushihimesama [ORIGINAL MODE]2220572Summer Yolo 2019
Punisher2120000Summer Yolo 2019
Twin Cobra105580Summer Yolo 2019
Turbo Ms. Pac-Man85830Summer Yolo 2019
Bosconian107930Summer Yolo 2019
Street Fighter II : The World Warrior1065000Summer Yolo 2019
Mr. Dos Wild Ride44917Summer Yolo 2019
Sunset Riders305780Summer Yolo 2019
Rygar298730Marp T16
Ghosts n Goblins54800Marp T16
Street Fighter 2 WW822400Marp T16
Final Fight187440Marp T16
Gyruss65650Marp T16
Ms.Pacman Turbo63890Marp T16