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Member Since: February, 8th 2019

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Jimmy Olsen
Event History
Summer Yolo 201932July, 29th 2019
Crap Tournament 1114May, 19th 2019
Marp T1614April, 8th 2019
Random Player Stats
Number of Event Wins:0
Number of WRs set during Events:0
Number of 1st place Scores:0
Total Number of Score Submissions:170
Most Submissions in an Event:64 in Summer Yolo 2019
Most Submissions for a Game:8 on Bosconian
Top Score History
Armed Police Batrider1707280Winter Yolympics 2020
Strikers 1945 II449800Winter Yolympics 2020
Donpachi3271120Winter Yolympics 2020
Gyruss156850Winter Yolympics 2020
Money Idol Exchanger85232Winter Yolympics 2020
Gradius74500Winter Yolympics 2020
Blazing Star703790Winter Yolympics 2020
Hishou Zame117870Winter Yolympics 2020
Pac-man Turbo146870Winter Yolympics 2020
Frogger8460Winter Yolympics 2020
Rally-X Arrangement68930Winter Yolympics 2020
Zoo Keeper169440Winter Yolympics 2020
Final Fight153980Winter Yolympics 2020
Street Fighter III: Third Strike1076700Winter Yolympics 2020
Out Zone210620Winter Yolympics 2020
Bubbles47260Winter Yolympics 2020
Black Tiger20900Winter Yolympics 2020
Willow12900Winter Yolympics 2020
Pang143320Winter Yolympics 2020
Sunset Riders110010Summer Yolo 2019
Bosconian200960Summer Yolo 2019
Twin Cobra265990Summer Yolo 2019
Smash TV669090Summer Yolo 2019
Elevator Action25150Summer Yolo 2019
Tetris The Grand Master7642Summer Yolo 2019
Shinobi68900Summer Yolo 2019
New Rally-X135430Summer Yolo 2019
Turbo Ms. Pac-Man106800Summer Yolo 2019
Pink Sweets [SCORE ATTACK]1192170Summer Yolo 2019
Vs. Karate Champ11200Summer Yolo 2019
Giga Wing2222100519130Summer Yolo 2019
Mushihimesama [ORIGINAL MODE]2424105Summer Yolo 2019
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs279300Summer Yolo 2019
Solomons Key119860Summer Yolo 2019
Street Fighter II : The World Warrior307000Summer Yolo 2019
Contra138900Summer Yolo 2019
Punisher975300Summer Yolo 2019
Out Run2984230Summer Yolo 2019
Mr. Dos Wild Ride29699Summer Yolo 2019
R-Type124100Summer Yolo 2019
BattleCry109730Crap Tournament 11
Power Surge67860Crap Tournament 11
Wiping74250Crap Tournament 11
Ping Pong24430Crap Tournament 11
Tuts Tomb23950Crap Tournament 11
Peggle53010Crap Tournament 11
The Game Paradise! (Time Attack mode)2790120Crap Tournament 11
Frog & Spiders5080Crap Tournament 11
Top Roller10109Crap Tournament 11
Speed Attack!1600Crap Tournament 11
Tricky Doc44050Crap Tournament 11
Avalanche176Crap Tournament 11
Ghosts n Goblins55500Marp T16
Gyruss147900Marp T16
Ms.Pacman Turbo93930Marp T16
Street Fighter 2 WW210800Marp T16
Rygar91070Marp T16
Final Fight158550Marp T16