Organizers: FootofGod

General rules for Galaga:
Default settings: Rank A/Easy 3 lives + 20,000/70,000/70,000 extras. More difficult settings may be used except when explicitly prohibited. INP for WolfMAME 154 or newer for MAME submissions unless continuous video with boot and camera on hands/controls is present.

Continuous video from a live stream from Twitch or Youtube with a permanent link for any of the following: Arcade, Class of 81, 60-in-1, Bootlegs, Steam, Arcade1Up, and others ports (such as console) that function equivalent to these with approval. Boot screen, game select, or game boot from console must be present, for which is applicable.

Stage 2 must be completed within 3 minutes. This is to prevent what is called the 'no fire/partial fire' glitch. This restriction renders this impossible Individual game rules trump general rules should they conflict

Welcome to Galaga Group's League events!

Every month, we'll host some kind of event related to Galaga and its family of games. Some will be just for fun, some will be highly competitive, with four of them being major events that possibly tie into a live element.

Our focus is on the newer, more action-packed tracks, such as Killscreen, Micro31, and Race to 1 Million!

Get ranked on Discord to win side events by Division in addition to overall!

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Start: Jan 01 '21 at 0:00 UTC
End: Dec 31 '21 at 23:59 UTC
Friendly Link:
Gaplus Challenge Upcoming Starts: Mar 01 '21 at 6:00 UTC
Killscreen VS Showdown Upcoming Starts: Feb 15 '21 at 6:00 UTC
Killscreen VS Seeding Upcoming Starts: Feb 01 '21 at 6:00 UTC
Galaxian Challenge Upcoming Starts: Jan 04 '21 at 6:00 UTC
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