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Tournament Submissions Rules

(1) MAME Submissions

All WolfMAME versions 106 and higher are acceptable (the preferred method). The INP file is required, needs to be enclosed in a zip archive and should contain only one recorded game. If using WolfMAME 0.106, please include the WLF file in the zip archive as well.

Other MAME versions are acceptable, but MUST include a link to a publicly available video in addition to the INP zip file. The video should capture the entire process: starting MAME, adding credits, the complete gameplay, the inital entry screen (or high score table), and the Nintendo of America Inc. title screen.

(2) Arcade Submissions

Arcade submissions must provide a continuous, uninterrupted video. The video should capture the entire process: adding credits, the complete game-play, the initial entry screen (or high score table), and the Nintendo of America Inc. title screen. Players must show proof of the date and time in their video.

Upon completion of the game, the player is encouraged to show the underside of the control panel, demonstrating the use of 4-way controls.

(3) Other Information

3a. INP Playback

We will make every attempt to playback and verify your score. Problematic INP files that desync or result in incorrect scores will be removed.

3b. 24 Hour Fair Play Rule

All scores should be submitted no later than 24 hours from the timestamp at which they were achieved. Any score submitted beyond the 24-hour time limit will be removed. If it cannot be determined that a score was submitted within 24 hours, it will be removed.

Kong League is a standardized league-type approach to online Donkey Kong tournament play setting forth a new era of quantifiable data to sustain competition into the future. Kong League ranks active Donkey Kong players by points, advanced statistics and scoring metrics. Kong League's inaugural tournament season will consist of 3 featured online tournament events for points.

Learn more at the Kong League Discord Here!

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