18 people competed
Organizers: Kong League

Kong League Game Of The Month Social

Online Individual Event
Start: Mar 21 '20 at 0:00 UTC
End: Apr 01 '20 at 0:00 UTC
Registration End: Mar 25 '20 at 0:00 UTC
Proof: INP file or video link
Friendly Link:

All versions of Wolfmame .106 and up are acceptable for inp submissions. Any other version of Mame is fine, but it MUST include a publicly available stream highlight link to your claimed score that shows the entire process of starting, crediting up and entering your initials. Please enter the Mame version used on the submission page. You can also greatly assist the verification process by including the version number in your inp zip file name.

The Randomized Edition patch is available for download in the Kong League Discord server:

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Donkey Kong Randomized


Lives - 3
Bonus Life - 7000 (These are the default settings and need not be changed.
RankPlayerScorePointsTime StampEvidence
1Barra1,118,80010003/28 10:58:54   
2milehighdt907,0009903/23 6:25:01 
3Fox 818,7009803/21 23:05:50 
4JasonV91570,5009703/28 17:59:26  
5spindaddy485,7009603/21 21:09:03 
6jmayden81373,1009503/31 2:57:30 
7nwnike273,8009403/21 23:24:16  
8krehztim 217,8009303/24 19:23:00  
9John73153,5009203/28 23:04:04  
10bensweeneyonbass 132,0009103/22 19:00:54   
11xelnia 112,6009003/26 7:38:43  
12vikleroy36,9008903/27 17:41:18