24 people competed
Organizers: Team KL

DK Spooky Remix 2019

Online Individual Event
Start: Oct 26 '19 at 7:00 UTC
End: Nov 03 '19 at 6:59 UTC
Registration End: Oct 31 '19 at 23:59 UTC
Proof: Video link
Friendly Link:

All contestants are required to live stream their games on Twitch. (NO EXCEPTIONS FOR ANY REASON). Contestants are solely responsible for setting up their stream. Streams which are partial, glitchy, edited or manipulated in any way will be rejected. Streams must have sound enabled. We must be able to hear the contestant's voice and the game sounds. Streams must be available for review on the contestant's registered streaming channel.

Only the DK Spooky Remix Halloween MAME romset can be used for score submissions. At the start of EACH new stream, contestant must state their full name. The entire game must be played only by the registered contestant who is identified at the beginning of the game.

For information on bounties please see the DKF posting.

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Donkey Kong Spooky Remix

Sock Master

Mame Romset: dkongx11
Starting Lives: 5, Difficulty: Normal
Bonus: 15k
Additional Bonus: Every 150k
RankPlayerScorePointsTime StampEvidence
1WFLIMusic 1,564,80010010/30 12:22:45    
2gillkong 764,4009911/03 0:23:39 
3expandedidea603,1009811/01 9:02:24  
4Dkmikey77 419,1009711/01 0:50:28  
5Bradtech519298,6009610/27 6:06:22 
6Sock Master259,5009510/31 4:16:29 
7jmayden81225,6009410/27 5:02:53 
8dollopuss 212,1009310/31 23:39:22   
9MajesticOne_Nick160,2009210/31 7:27:40  
10Fox 149,4009110/28 23:45:45  
11johnbart148,9009011/01 20:10:38 
12bensweeneyonbass 77,3008910/28 16:07:42