Winter Yolympics 2022

Online Team Event
Start: Jan 31 '22 at 0:00 UTC
End: Mar 06 '22 at 23:59 UTC
Registration End: Jan 26 '22 at 20:00 UTC
Proof: INP file or video link
Friendly Link:

All submissions must provide either an INP or link to a stream highlight

Unless otherwise noted, games are to be played on default settings as determined by WolfMAME 0.183 or 0.237

No excessive leeching or glitch abuse.

In-game/internal autofire is allowed if a game has it (enabled through hard or soft DIPs). External/MAME/cheat-based autofire is not allowed.

Be aware that TG may not accept games played with internal autofire or non-default settings.

No sandbagging. Please submit all scores within 24 hours of when you achieved them. The end of the tournament is a hard cutoff. All scores must be submitted by then.

Tournament Logo

Winter Yolympics 2022 is a multi-game, team-based competition. Players will compete on many games during the event, and their rank will be measured by their performance across the multiple titles in competition. This is a team-based event, meaning the team with the best overall performance will win. There will be 4 teams and 22 games. The top 8 scores from each team will be used to score points for each game.

35 people registered