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Monthlies Series: Million Pts Race

Online Individual Event
Start: Jul 01 '21 at 0:00 UTC
End: Aug 01 '21 at 5:59 UTC
Registration End: Aug 01 '21 at 5:59 UTC
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Our Monthlies series alternates between the 3 special tracks: Micro31, Points Races, and Single Ship in months without a majors qualifier.

You have all month to play and improve. These events award League Points.

Please read rules thorougly for how to submit.

All difficulty and life settings are allowed (no fast/autofire).

Please verify time to the nearest second from START button hit to the moment the points are achieved on the screen.

For standard submissions, simply finding these two times and subtracting the START time from the 'finish' time is OK.

You are encouraged to measure milliseconds if you are able or if your time is near a World Record. It can also be done/taught upon request in Discord.

Ranks that have not achieved 1 Million can play and submit for secondary categories acording to this guide:

  • Cadet: 100,000 pts - Add 3 hours to your time
  • Airman: 250,000 pts - Add 2 hours to your time
  • Sergeant: 500,000 pts - Add 1 hour to your time

If you are unranked, submit for the highest one you are able to achieve

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Galaga (Million Pts Race)


Mame romset: galaga
All difficulty and life settings are allowed (no fast/autofire).
Rank Player Score Points Time Stamp Evidence
1 smkrogman  0:32:56.430 100 08/01 4:50:14  
2 FootofGod  0:34:09.0 99 08/01 1:53:24  
3 Renegade Figueroa  0:34:55.230 98 07/23 7:26:12  
4 mcvader  0:40:27.920 97 07/31 15:11:40    
5 spectre  2:14:49.930 96 07/29 14:42:32