Organizers: George Riley

The Gobblet: The Ultimate Donkey Kong 3 Challenge

Online Individual Event
Start: Nov 25 '20 at 23:00 UTC
End: Dec 06 '20 at 7:59 UTC
Registration End: Dec 06 '20 at 7:59 UTC
Proof: INP file or video link
Friendly Link:

All submissions must provide either an INP or link to a Twitch stream highlight. WolfMAME 0.183 and 0.224 are the only acceptable MAME versions for this competition.

General tournament rules apply: For MAME, no autofire, no pausing, and average recorded speed must be 95% - 101%. All scores must be submitted within 24 hours of when they were achieved. In case of ties, first submission takes priority.

Tournament Logo

This inaugural event will be held once every four years around Thanksgiving lasting over 11 days. The goal is to put a spotlight on a Kong game other than Donkey Kong. 5 man only is the best way to spotlight this game.

21 people registered