Organizers: johnbart

Von ZerBarr Open

Online Individual Event - 3 Rounds
Start: Mar 13 '21 at 0:00 UTC
End: Mar 28 '21 at 23:59 UTC
Registration End: Mar 28 '21 at 23:59 UTC
Proof: INP file or video link
Friendly Link:

Round 1 (4 games): Mar. 13, 00:00 UTC - Mar. 19 23:59 UTC

Round 2 (4 games): Mar. 20, 00:00 UTC - Mar. 26 23:59 UTC

Round 3 (2 games): Mar. 27, 00:00 UTC - Mar. 28 23:59 UTC

Proper game settings will be detailed for each title.

All submissions must provide either an INP or link to a Twitch stream highlight. WolfMAME 0.183 and 0.222 are the only acceptable MAME versions for this competition. If a player somehow actually has cab access to one of the Crap titles they are of course welcome to play on the original hardware.

General tournament rules still apply: For MAME, no autofire, no pausing, and average recorded speed must be 95% - 101%. All scores must be submitted within 24 hours of when they were achieved. In case of ties, first submission takes priority.

Tournament Logo

Finding 'Good' crap games is not easy. It involves a little bit of science, a little bit of art, and a lot of playing random games. Throughout the years we've been blessed to play many crap tournament games that end up being both fun and competitive. Much of the credit for finding those games goes to three individuals that we honour with the Von ZerBarr Open. They are of course Von Dummpenstein, Zerst and Barra.

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