Home of the world famous Crap Tournament, and carrying on the tradition from tournament.vg and TG Tournaments, CAGTournaments.com is a site for hosting online tournaments and leagues for classic arcade gamers. All events are free and open to everyone regardless of skill level, as long as you don't cheat.

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Shout out to Wes Copeland for the inspiration for the site and original design.

Community Standards

This site is run by the community, for the community. We do not run ads, take donations or charge entry. All that we ask of members in return is respect for the games, the competition and each other. We reserve the right to limit the participation of individuals who cheat or act in a manner unbefitting of the community. Any attempts to bully, harass, bring unwarranted lawsuits or act like a general ass clown will result in a permanent ban.

Random site stats

Total number of tournaments hosted: 60
Total number of games in events: 353
Total number of competitors that have submitted a score: 306
Total number of score submissions: 30750
Total number of World Records set: 86
Total number of INPs uploaded: 29158
Total number of screenshots uploaded: 12432
Total number of badges earned: 559
Total number of scores DQ'd: 136