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Galaga League | Challenge Stage Speedruns

Online Individual Event
Start: Jul 01 '22 at 6:00 UTC
End: Aug 01 '22 at 5:59 UTC
Registration End: Aug 01 '22 at 5:59 UTC
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Gotta go fast!

All difficulty and life settings are allowed (no fast/autofire).

Please verify time to the nearest second from START button hit to the moment the words 'NUMBER OF HITS' appear after a given Challenge Stage.

For standard submissions, simply finding these two times and subtracting the START time from the 'finish' time is OK.

If you need help determining a time before submitting, just reach out in Discord. Splits for Galaga on Livesplit are also available for easy measuring.

The goal is to go all the way through Challenge Stage 8 (Stage 31). To measure all runs on one track, for those do not manage to go the entirety, add 1 minute for every Stage you do not complete (e.g. you die on Stage 21 with a time of 10:21. You didn't play (31 - 21 = 10) 10 stages, so add 10 minutes for a total time of 20:21.

Also consider tracking your times for all Challenge Stages and submitting to speedrun.com at https://www.speedrun.com/galaga#Challenge_Stage as well. No time needs to be added for the Speedrun.com submissions.

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Galaga (Challenge Stage Speedruns)


Mame romset: galaga
All difficulty and life settings are allowed (no fast/autofire)
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1 smkrogman  0:14:10.089 100 07/20 5:25:20